Jason Spisak wrote:

>To recap what turned the tides were these wins:
>1.  Zope's security model is far more scalable and flexible 
>than anything home brewed in PHP.
>2.  The scurity model is also audited by any, many people and 
>tested and in production all over the place. ;-)
Security machinery present in Zope,  to develop in PHP.

>3.  The ease of management for non-technical users to create 
>and edit content was a big win since that interface is already 
>created and ready to use in many cases.
Interface present in Zope, to develop in PHP.

>4. The built in separation of db connectivity/transparancy is 
>much better than taking the time to design that properly from 
>scratch, or using connectivity tools that then needed to be 
>'connected' to the app in a safe and transparant way.
DBaccess layer is present in Zope, to design in PHP.

>5.  The transactional nature of Zope (although they didn't 
>believe me when it came to rolling back multiple dbs) impressed 
>them and if it really can mange a rollback from from a DB and 
>transaction safety for inventory,etc...(which I know it can) 
>then its a huge win.
Transactions support is in Zope, to develop in PHP.

Thus I wanted to point out that PHP is not really what you can compare 
to Zope. PHP is comparable to Python. They are just languages.

PHP community has excellent PHPnuke and PostNuke products which has 
unprecedented success. The is alsow Midgard, PHP CMS. Zope is 
Application Sever disposing a number of services to applications written 
with it. We should find competitor in PHP world to compare to. I do not 
know one. Speaking of Application Servers I can name ACS (TCL/Java) and 
Enhydra (Java). They are competitors of Zope, not PHP.


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