On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Joseph Cheek wrote:
> nope.  that's a function of the DB, not PHP.  if the DB is written right
> it will roll back/commit transactions automatically.  so this becomes an
> argument for zope over php+some really lame DB, not zope over php
> regardless.
> 8-)
> [agreed that the linuxjournal commit/rollback code is hairy, but the
> folks there seem to like mysql for some strange reason].

The DB provides the transaction commit/rollback *capability*, but
it is up to the application to *use* it.  The DB can't commit or
rollback automatically, because it doesn't know where the transaction
boundaries are unless the application tells it.  In PHP, that means
*you* have to write the trasaction-start/-end/-rollback calls.  Zope,
on the other hand, wraps every web request in a transaction to the
DB *automatically*, and does the rollback *automatically* if an
error occurs in the web transaction.

This is a very very cool feature of Zope, and saves a *lot* of
programming effort.


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