Jason Spisak wrote:
> Excellent thinking.  I'm guessing that the PyscopyDA handles 
> that type of thing and makes sure that it doesn't get nasty.  
> That's a big win for Zope when dealing with inventory and 
> things like that.  Thanks Oliver.

Just to be clear about the extend of this transaction safety (just to be 
sure - you might know that), it covers everything done in one request, 
so that even several "independent" actions (be it relational database, 
ZODB etc.) are rolled back if something goes wrong. This means it not 
only doesn't get nasty, it becomes really nice ;-). You can seperate 
your SQL statements into different ZSQL methods and so on.

About the separation between content&layout, you are not obliged to use 
ZPT to get that (don't belive a certain Mr. Withers here ;)).
You can also do that with dtml + python(-scripts).
The point is that you can - in a natural way - design the application in 
zope that it's possible to change the layout later on without fear of 
breaking the functionality.

Yes, that's also possible with php (or perl), but this seems as natural 
as doing OO-programming in C to me.


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