At 04:55 PM 4/24/02 -0300, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:

>As for multiple DB rollback, yes, that works as advertised, and is
>actually really easy to believe if you explain them how it works. Truth
>is, Two-Phase-Commit was INVENTED (a long time ago, and not in Zope) to
>make it possible to commit or rollback multiple transactional entities
>at the same time. Zope is just an implementation of a TPC coordinator (I
>think, and I hope I got the vocabulary right).

Note that this only guaranteed to work if all the database adapters 
involved in the transaction support two-phase-commit.  Many do not, and 
thus may commit too early or too late in the course of a multi-database 

If you need multi-database commit, you'll need to verify that the adapter 
in question actually implements tpc_vote() as something other than 'pass'.  :)

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