You might be able to use the medusa monitor client.
(ZServer/medusa/  This requires that you have an "access"
file in your Zope's software home.

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Subject: [Zope-dev] Testing Zope Products with Python Debugger

> I've read the various tutorials and have successfully used Zope with the
> Python debugger.  But, of course, I can't have my production Zope running
> and the debugger running at the same time unless I get Zeo going.  But is
> there another way?  Is it possible to start Zope in the debugger but have
> it open a different data.fs file for testing?  (I only have one computer
> and have to keep a small, Zope-driven web site running 24/7 as well as do
> development on a new Zope Database Adapter.)
> I've looked into the Zeo How-To and feel a little overwhelmed.  And I
> suspect it is probably asking a bit too much of one Celeron 400 with
> Windows 98 to have all that running.  What do you think?  (Sorry, but "get
> Linux" or "get another computer" would be great, but aren't on my
> horizon.)
> Thanks,
> Bill
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