> I gather from reading other posts that this is a different format than 
> Zope 3's ZCML.  Would it be worth it to at least make some sort of 
> 'ZCML Lite' to do this sort of configuration?  The main thing I'm 
> concerned about is that there's a whole new Zope coming down the road 
> that depends heavily on configuration files, and it might make sense to 
> start weaning people onto its general syntax if Zope 2's finally going 
> to have a config file.

There was a conscious decision to have two different "configuration"
language: ZCML for *software* configuration, and ZConfig for *process*
configuration.  A sysop is not expected to have to edit ZCML, but she
will definitely have to edit the ZConfig file.  Since XML is not
designed for routine editing/reading by humans (its
"human-readability" is a debugging feature), ZConfig uses a more
readable format.  It's documented in the ZConfig CVS tree.

> ZRS?  This isn't the long-discussed replicated storage is it?

Yes, http://www.zope.com/Products/ZopeProducts/ZRS

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