On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 18:45, Adrian van den Dries wrote:
> But this means I can't really write a start script that works (or
> makes sense) with debug mode both on and off.  Redirecting stderr to
> EVENT_LOG_FILE doesn't really make sense if we're detaching, and is
> ugly, etc..  I could write some shell polava to figure it out, but:

FWIW, I often use:


... which prevents Zope from detaching from the terminal but doesn't
imply debug mode.  This may only work on recent checkouts, the semantics
of -Z have changed recently.

> > Maybe the "debug" flag is misnamed?  All it really means is "don't
> > detach".

It unfortunately means lots of things, all of which are implicitly
twisted together in a huge mess, much of it even predating Zope's open
source release.

> Yes.  I would much prefer an explicit flag for each, because I run a
> number of dev Zopes on a number of boxes to which I only have ssh
> access, and I don't want to have to remember to play games with my
> stdio, or restart Zope if I restart screen, etc.


> Speaking of the (side-)effects of debug mode, what exactly are they?
> Is it just the automatic re-loading of DTMLFiles and PageTemplates
> from disk?

It's that... and, unfortunately, god knows what else.  To find out for sure,
we'd need to audit the codebase (looking mostly for Z_DEBUG_MODE and __debug__).

I'd like to address these problems for Zope 2.7, but I doubt it's going
to be possible in the short term.

- C

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