> But this means I can't really write a start script that works (or
> makes sense) with debug mode both on and off.

I don't think that's a valid use case anyway.

Remember, "debug" mode really means "don't daemonize" and nothing
more.  This for use by a developer who wants to see possible
exceptions, print statements and other stuff that goes to

> Yes.  I would much prefer an explicit flag for each, because I run a
> number of dev Zopes on a number of boxes to which I only have ssh
> access, and I don't want to have to remember to play games with my
> stdio, or restart Zope if I restart screen, etc.
> Speaking of the (side-)effects of debug mode, what exactly are they?
> Is it just the automatic re-loading of DTMLFiles and PageTemplates
> from disk?

I've tried to explain already -- debug mode for ZEO *only* determines
whether the ZEO server goes into daemon mode or not.  There may be a
Zope debug mode, but it's not related (even if it uses the same

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