It's not fancy, but it's complete: you can watch and control multiple
servers from a single place. The flashing yellow LED-like indicators
would give you a great deal of confidence that information is flowing. It sure would be appealing. Anyone want to take this on? :-)
Yes :)

1. There are already a few like this around, the ZopeController from Richard Jones which Plone uses an modified version of... there is one for another product as well although the name escapes me.

2. We (as in Plone team) have for 1.1 a main requirement to move to a x platform controller that can do that and much more. wxController as it has been dubbed hasn't been started yet but Im tasked with writing the PLIP now 1.0 has been done.

3. I've found at least two companies that run many, many zope servers on remote boxes all over the place and would like one ui to see the status of them all, I'm trying to see if i can get some $ out of them for the development :)

So is there a public cvs for your code can we mangle all our stuff together?
Andy McKay

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