You misunderstand: I have zero code. :-) The screenshot (especially the
second one) shows precisely what I'm looking for in a Zope controller. It should scale up to dozens of Zopes and ZEOs while remaining useful for
single Zope instances, it should display rapidly flashing lights to
indicate exactly how resources are being spent, and it should display a
Zope logo so it doubles as a marketing tool. Consider the screenshot a
Ah sorry I thought you would have just quickly knocked one out ;) I think the Controller is a very useful tool and very good for marketing its really helped a lot of people with Plone.

I can post the QT .ui file, though, if that would help. ;-)
Im hopefully getting a good UI designer (ie not me) on line for helping out with the UI for this. I was actually thinking of wxPython rather than Qt, but thats just a personal preference.

Anyway when we get wxController going I'll drop you a line...
Andy McKay

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