Adrian van den Dries writes:
 > Debug mode needs to be broken out into directives for its real
 > effects.  I always want Zope to run as a daemon, but I also want
 > automatic PT/DTML reloading, and immediate tracebacks.  I think there
 > should be a separate "no-detach" for those people who want that
 > feature.

I'm happy with this (more so than the single option).  I think it's
fair for us to get this implemented before we're done; not sure if it
has to happen before the merge (I'm mostly tied up this week).

 > The ZODB section doesn't work:
 >  Error: 'mount-point' is not a known key name

I think we haven't spend enough time figuring out the right way to
deal with DBTab-style mounts yet; leave out that key for now.  To see
the current spellings of the storage- and database-related
configuration values, take a look at the ZConfig schema component in
the ZODB package:  lib/python/ZODB/component.xml

 > Also, it needs to support arbitrary storage types.  I don't know how
 > ZConfig works internally, but I'm guessing each storage type would
 > supply a ZConfig thingie that registers its configuration paramaters
 > to ZConfig.  I'm hoping to roll out some large production Zopes with
 > partitioned, distributed storages.

I'm not sure what you mean; it sounds like you're looking for either
DBTab-style mounts or something different.  Please describe the
configuration so we can be sure that there's some way to support it.

Thanks for your comments!


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