Anthony Baxter wrote:
Oliver Bleutgen wrote

As you and Guido are talking about the ZMI (which means, AFAIK, the managament interface), let me just say that as far as I understand it, deprecating/marking-as-evil and even removing OFSP/ is not what I would like to see happen (not only).

The problem lies in ZODB.ZApplication.ZApplicationWrapper

 def __bobo_traverse__(self, REQUEST=None, name=None):
        db, aname, version_support = self._stuff
        if version_support is not None and REQUEST is not None:
        else: version=''

As I understand it, even if the Version product is removed, just putting at variable named 'Zope-Version' into the REQUEST will cause reads and writes to happen in a version.
Am I missing something here?

I think that will only work if there's a Version with the specified name.

Have you tried it? I have (with cookies), and it works always.
Oh, and for added fun set a persistent cookie.

cheers, oliver

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