Oliver Bleutgen wrote:
> 2. Zope doesn't care if a correspondending Version instance to the value 
> of REQUEST['Zope-Version'] exists, more exactly, zope doesn't care for 
> the value of that Zope-Version variable at all.

Hmm, it doesn't care, but it does store it in memory.  Pardon my fugly
non-portable bashisms here, but I just wanted to hash out an example:

exec >/dev/null
for i in `seq 100`; do
  w3m -dump -post <(perl -e 'print "Zope-Version=",$ARGV[0]x500000' $i) "$h"

Quick way to add 100 zodb connections and ~90M to the memory footprint
with relatively little clue of who is responsible assuming traditional
logging; presumeably one would get much trickier if they really wanted
to obfuscate the source of attack, slowly crawling the site, changing
the user-agent string, etc.  Under sane resource limits the host is
spared however the /Control_Panel/Database/manage_cacheParameters
resource becomes unavailable due to memory constraints.

Other side-effects from allowing anonymous clients to open additional
zodb connections are as of yet unknown to me, anyone care to speculate
on other vectors of abuse?

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