On June 20, Jamie Heilman wrote:
> and I don't like surprises

Zope 2 is probably not the most suitable choice, then. ;-)

More seriously, though, my colleagues and I will often find a few of
these sorts of *surprising* things in Zope 2 every week.  It's really
quite demoralising building for Zope 2 when it feels like such a dead
effort, with many (seemingly rather deep) problems in Zope 2 that
nobody has either the time or motivation to fix, because all the
interesting work is happening on Zope 3.

Are there, or will there be, any guidelines for developing for Zope 2
with the view to migrating to Zope 3?

And given the logevity of Zope 2 suggested by the roadmap, will there
be any effort to clean up the Zope 2 code in the medium/long term?

FWIW I use Zope for its webblication features over its CMF features,
which is why Zope 3 is far more interesting than most of the work
happening around Zope 2.

I understand that things are moving quite well with Zope 3 but the
current state of affairs does put places like ours, with a commitment
to producing a large, complicated Zope 2 extranet/portal in a number
of months, in a confusing headspace.


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