Jamie Heilman wrote:
> (the patches I spoke of should be ready sometime tomorrowish assuming
> I don't run into any other funkyness, I'll post them to the collector)

These are done, there's a synopsis available at
http://collector.zope.org/Zope/628 and the patches are available at
http://audible.transient.net/zope/resized.diff and
http://audible.transient.net/zope/sqlsized.diff they apply against the
HEAD branch, and they do use python 2.2 constructs as I don't think
the issue is really critical enough to warrant making the next 2.6

I'm currious what opinions are on the idea of joining the dtpref_*
usage and the sql_pref__* usage together.  Good idea?  Bad idea?
(I think its a good idea, but then I don't use zsql methods anyway so
I kinda don't care either.)

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