I'll quote the (seemingly late) Andrew Kenneth Milton wrt Zope 2:



On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 20:35, Adrian van den Dries wrote:
> On June 20, Jamie Heilman wrote:
> > and I don't like surprises
> Zope 2 is probably not the most suitable choice, then. ;-)
> More seriously, though, my colleagues and I will often find a few of
> these sorts of *surprising* things in Zope 2 every week.  It's really
> quite demoralising building for Zope 2 when it feels like such a dead
> effort, with many (seemingly rather deep) problems in Zope 2 that
> nobody has either the time or motivation to fix, because all the
> interesting work is happening on Zope 3.
> Are there, or will there be, any guidelines for developing for Zope 2
> with the view to migrating to Zope 3?
> And given the logevity of Zope 2 suggested by the roadmap, will there
> be any effort to clean up the Zope 2 code in the medium/long term?
> FWIW I use Zope for its webblication features over its CMF features,
> which is why Zope 3 is far more interesting than most of the work
> happening around Zope 2.
> I understand that things are moving quite well with Zope 3 but the
> current state of affairs does put places like ours, with a commitment
> to producing a large, complicated Zope 2 extranet/portal in a number
> of months, in a confusing headspace.
> a.

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