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I would be in favor of making the Examples "opt-in" like the Zope tutorial. It seems silly to have it in evey ZODB by default. Make people add it if they want it.

Many, many moons ago I created evan-examples-branch, which allows individual Products to offer sample code without (magically or otherwise) forcing them upon the user. I'd love to see it revived, perhaps as "Examples/Optional Extras" in order to cover the Hurt system as well.

The basic idea is to look for an XML manifest file 'examples/index.xml' in each Product. It probably wouldn't be very hard to use ZConfig instead of XML. Here is the PageTemplates index.xml:

<example name="Assorted Examples">
This is a set of examples of the use of page templates.
It includes examples of batching, macros, and trees.
    <import file="zpt_examples.zexp"/>
  <view url="zpt_examples"/>

<!-- This file can contain any number of examples.

Each one consists of an <example> with a 'name' attribute,
containing exactly one <description>.  The name and description
are displayed in the Examples page.  <description> can have a
'format' attribute set to 'plain' (the default), 'stx' (structured
text), or 'html'.

An <example> can contain <payload> elements.  Each <payload> can
contain any number of <import>, <execute>, and <call> elements.
These are processed in order when an example is selected from the
Examples page.  <import> must have a 'file' attribute that names
a file in the 'examples' directory to be imported.  <execute> must
have a 'file' attribute that names a file to be run with execfile.
<call> must have a 'path' attribute that gives the path to a Zope
object to be called.

An <example> can contain at most one <view> element.  The 'url'
attribute of a <view> is the URL to view after all <payload> elements have
been processed. This URL can be relative to the current folder.



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