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Casey Duncan wrote:

I would be in favor of making the Examples "opt-in" like the Zope tutorial. It seems silly to have it in evey ZODB by default. Make people add it if they want it.

This seems like a fine idea, but what action would the user take to install examples and extras?

I think the best way would be using a python script/Makefile that installs a .zexp file (or use http-upload with httplib). Configure should grow a --install-tutorial option.

Mmmm... I need to clarify my question. Let's say you make and install Zope. You fire it up and don't know what to do next. You look for some button or control in the UI for displaying documentation and examples. What do you find? An entry in the add list? Will you still find the "help" link, but clicking it only tells you how to install the documentation? Zope needs to help the user find the docs.


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