Actually I regard the current behavior as a feature. Using a stopwatch and a 
slide-rule I can estimate to within 100 objects, how many values are indexed 
in a catalog by measuring the time it takes to draw the indexes page.

Please do not remove this most valued feature!


On Thursday 17 July 2003 04:35 pm, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote at 2003-7-17 11:12 +0100:
>  > Has anyone noticed that the ZCatalog Indexes tab crawls if you have loads 
>  > objects indexed.
>  > 
>  > My guess is that some types of index take way too long to figure out how 
>  > objects are indexed. Anyone know which index types those could be?
> The one that provide the correct number of indexed objects
> (rather than just the number of indexed terms).
> Because the same object can be indexed under several terms,
> determining the number of indexed objects requires to
> build the union of all the index values. This almost surely
> has quadratic (worst case) runtime characteristics.
>  > BTW, would anyone object if I removed that object count, since it's not 
>  > very useful...
> You probably should replace it with the size of the index (i.e.
> the number of index terms).
> Formerly, the index overview displayed this information but
> under a buggy "# objects" title. Someone fixed this for most
> indexes, they now show the number of objects but at a high
> price.
> I suggest to change the title to "# index terms" and
> revert for the indexes to the old behaviour.
> Others pointed out, that also the size determination for an
> index may be expensive. However, it is at most linear in the number
> (rather than quadratic) and all recently created indexes now
> use "BTrees.Length" to maintain their size (which gives constant time).
> Having a feeling how large an index is is valuable information.
> Dieter
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