Chris Withers wrote at 2003-7-21 08:22 +0100:
 > Dieter Maurer wrote:
 > > "#objects" suggests that it is the number of objects indexed by
 > > this index. Who is interested in this information?
 > Well, it's been useful to be on several occasions when I've seen one index has 
 > less objects in than another...
 > > Unless one has inhomogeous objects, almost all objects are indexed
 > > by every index. Thus, "#objects" is likely to be similar for
 > > many indexes.
 > Hmmm... I use ZCatalogs a _lot_ for searching over inhomogenous sets of objects. 
 > For example, that's it's primary role in the CMF...

CMF's catalog is highly standardized, thanks to Dublin Core.

  All standard CMF content types define DC attributes.
  Therefore, each CMF content object is indexed under each DC field
  The "Subjects" index may lack some objects (because they do not
  define any "Subjects").
  A text index may lack a few objects (because some objects
  may have have both an empty "Title" and an empty "Descritpion").

But overall, unless you have special (non DC derived) indexes,
all "#objects" should be very similar.


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