Shane Hathaway wrote:
Here's the way I'd like to spell it:

  <div tal:repeat="user_files here/listFilesByUser">
    User: <span tal:replace="user_files/int:0" />
    File: <span tal:replace="user_files/int:1" />


We've come up with a number of generally useful prefixes, BTW. Off the top of my head:

call:   -- Call a named method
int:    -- Look up an item by index
format: -- Perform simple formatting operations like "format:money"
zope:   -- Access a big Zope API


It sure would be nice to have these prefixes, both in Zope 2 and Zope 3.

AFAIK, Jim wants this for Zope3 for some time now. The idea is to implement this with named adapters.

here/some_object/zope:name would make TALES look up the 'zope' adapter (something that implements and get its name attribute/call its name() method. It would really be a two-liner to implement something like an 'int' or 'call' adapter. Other named adapters like 'dc' that adapts an object to a Dublin Core interface would be nice to have as well. A lot of that is in place already, fortunately.

The question remains how to implement this in Zope2 as we don't have adapters there.


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