On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 07:23:36PM -0300, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
> But right now the choice between adding or not the proposed TALES
> extensions is a choice between having to explain what all those python
> concepts mean before or after the poor template guy got confused why
> certain things don't work as expected:
>         * Why must I use a tal:define="something here/getSomeObject" and
>         later a tal:content="something/someAttribute" instead of just
>         tal:content="here/getSomeObject/someAttribute".

you don't :)
it's a convenience (less stuff to type if you access the object a lot)
and/or an optimization (getSomeObject might be expensive).

>         * Why does tal:content="request/form/items" don't get me the
>         "items" object that I'm expecting

you lost me there.

> In order to get to the ideal world Paul wants (and that I want too),
> maybe we need to restrict the things that TALES can navigate. That would
> mean we'd need to chose between TALES path navigating dictionary keys or
> attribute access, but not both.

Hm. Doesn't really matter - ObjectManager makes them equivalent
anyway (except that some keys cannot be spelled as attributes, 
e.g.  foo['bar.html']).

> Also, paths would not be able to call
> anything in the last segment.

eh? so tal:content="here/some_method" would no longer work?

I don't really understand your proposal I'm afraid.

> On the other hand, we'd need to give
> python scripters the necessary tools, ex. before ZPT, I used to find it
> VERY anoying that I had to use the mapping attribute in DTML tags just
> because I couldn't create MyBrain objects thru python. PythonScripts
> should be able to generate the same kind of objects that ZCatalog and
> ZSQL queries generate.

Not sure what you mean. You want to wrap Brains around something
other than ZSQL results?


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