Jim Penny wrote:
Well, that is exactly why it will be more confusing to everyone.  A
python programmer is not expecting them to be different, and a
non-programmer has no idea of what keys and indices are, much less how
they differ.

The explanation isn't that hard, at least for a user with a basic knowledge of data structures -- you usually use key: with a dictionary, and item: with a sequence. The exception is when you have an integer key in a dictionary.

Eeep, gad no.  The python is horrible.  The prefix syntax is equally
horrible, unfamiliar, and ambiguous!  For example, why does call: not
have an argument

Because I'm not passing an argument to the SQL statement. In my implementation, the syntax is "call:arg1,arg2,...", where each argument is required to be a variable name. Every prefixed path element operates upon the current traversal object, using the argument (if any) to the prefix. Here's a list that demonstrates:

x/key:foo  --> x['foo']
x/item:0   --> x[0]
x/attr:foo --> x.foo
x/call:foo --> x(foo)
x/var:foo  --> getattr(x, foo) or x[foo] (path traversal semantics)
x/fmt:%.2f --> '%.2f' % x
x/fmt:thousands_commas --> thousands_commas(x)

Yes, alternative is very nice.  Yes, it can be done with python:path(),
or by refactoring the expression to an script.  Yes, the alternatives
are harder to read, or more work.  Nu?

I can't think of a way to implement my first example using python:path(), though you could certainly do it with a Script. The second example can be awkwardly rewritten by defining "exists:data/stat" and using it in a short-circuiting boolean expression such as "have_stat and thousands_commas(data.stat) or 'No data.'". My point is that these prefixes allow a degree of precision, when necessary, that is not possible in current TALES without totally transforming the expression.

Doesn't it strike you as odd that sometimes the prefix denotes
parameterization, and sometimes it denotes application?

I hope that the list above makes the consistency clearer.


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