Evan Simpson wrote:
I'm thinking seriously about writing a Product to provide collections of Python functions defined by a single source text -- PythonLibraries. This would *not* be the same as Zope 3's persistent modules, although it would provide some of the same benefits.

Here's the README.txt:

Python Libraries

  The Python Libraries Product provides support for collections of
  restricted Python code.  A Python Library is similar to a Folder
  full of Python-based Scripts, except that the functions in the
  Library are more like ordinary Python functions than Scripts, and
  a single persistent global variable namespace is shared among the
  functions in the Library.

So AFAICT it's a convenience which allows you (a) to keep related functions together; and (b) to store local variables in a convenient place. It definitely sounds useful but also a lot of work for something it's possible to manage without quite easily at the moment..?

Could you provide a brief summary of why this is better than a folder of python scripts? Perhaps a use case which illustrates the problems of the current way of doing things?


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