Tres Seaver wrote:
Hmm, I'm thinking about this for the CMF.  In CMF 1.3.x, a template
which has a cache manager, or a title, puts those values in a simple
'name=value'-formatted file, with extension '.properties'.  Permission
mappings go in a separate file, with extension '.security'.

I wish I had been more involved when these decisions were being made -- I dislike this scheme, because it is irregular and requires you to know what sort of object you're dealing with just to be able to tell which files go together. If it's always file + ','-dir, external tools can move, rename, delete, etc safely.

Then there's the potential for name clashes. It's unlikely, but not *terribly* so, that a user would create a second object named ''. Using quote_plus avoids filesystem character set issues, and makes the simple ',' postfix clash-proof.

Oh, well.



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