Tres Seaver wrote:
Evan Simpson wrote:
Seb Bacon wrote:
Could you provide a brief summary of why this is better than a
folder of python scripts?  Perhaps a use case which illustrates the
problems of the current way of doing things?

It isn't *better* than a Folder of Scripts, it's *different* :-) I
have two weak use-cases, a longstanding "I'm going to write that some
day" itch, and some aesthetic arguments.

Actually, the restricted case is the one which has the real win;  the
"free-floating" library is pretty, but not semanticaally needed.  An
added argument:  a ZPT with its own private library becomes, in effect,
a Zope3 view component;  adopting such beasts will ease migration to

Well, I'm completely convinced :-) I'm not quite sure about the metaphor for binding a library to a template yet, though.

Could libraries be added to folders as first-class objects (you want to be able to share them between templates easily, no?) and "bound" to the templates using a tab on either them or the templates? Their icons would be overlaid with a visual indication of if they are bound or not.

Or, could you bind them at run-time using a new tal directive? (not likely to be a popular suggestion, I know)


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