On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 13:34, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
> > I thought that was easy to miss, so I changed the heading from 
> > 
> >     Zope Enterprise Objects 
> > 
> > to 
> > 
> >     Zope Enterprise Objects (OBSOLETE)
> And I still missed it! Amazing! it must've been the pre-lunch hunger or 
> something... Maybe you should use a blink tag and a red font tag inside a 
> one cell table with a thick border (/me runs from the HTML-standards mob). 

Maybe we should just delete it.

On the other hand, Jim asked me today how someone would navigate from
the zope.org home page to the current ZODB release.  I don't have any
idea.  Anyone else know?  I just use Google.

> > It could probably use more text explaining what to do instead.  I'd do that
> > if I thought I knew <wink>.
> Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for: what is the current "blessed" 
> procedure for using ZEO with Zope? 

You can copy ZEO into lib/python or install ZODB into lib/python.

> The client will be using the binary Zope 2.6.2 package, BTW. 
> I've (finally) read the ZODB page and it says Zope 2.6.2 doen't need a ZODB 
> surgery to use ZEO. This is good since I don't want to scare the client with 
> weird surgeries for a Production installation :-) (I'm mentoring them on the 
> installation, not installing it for them). 
> Since we'll be using python-2.1.3, ZODB 3.2 isn't an option. Does ZODB 3.1.4 
> (the last ZODB release according to the ZODB3.1 page) fix the "one client 
> changes an object but the others don't see the change" bug reported here 
> recently? 

It does.  There are a few memory leaks and a potential deadlock bug that
are only fixed in ZODB 3.2, but the majority of the critical bugs were
fixed by 3.1.4.

> If yes, should I just copy over the ZEO package or do you guys still 
> recomend that I replace all of Zope262 ZODB with the standalone one? 

Either one is fine with me.


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