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Stefan H. Holek wrote:
No, no and 3 times no! The fix was done by Evan and is CORRECT. absolute_url () does not (and should not!) know anything about CMF or portals or whatever else!

'relative to site object' is quoted from the API documentation of absolute_url(), see <http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/2_6Edition/AppendixB.stx>.

'site object' in this context is the Zope application object and has nothing to do with a CMF Site or whatever else.

It MUST however return correct results in all possible VH situations and this is what the fix addresses.

Yes. But the correct result is what the API documentation defines. To get what you want you have to add BASEPATH1 defined as "the externally visible path to the root Zope folder" alias 'Zope application object' alias 'site object'. Look for example at OFS/dtml/main.dtml

The real problem is - and this is stated in the original report - that absolute_url(1) did return WRONG RESULTS when inside-out vhosting was in use. This has bitten me on several occasions when customers deployed their sites with the CMF portal NOT living in the root of the vhost (as opposed to the root of Zope) and SERIOUS breakage occurred all over their sites.

That's exactly the scenario where I discovered the API change. But it didn't fix anything, it broke at least the icon paths.

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