Chris McDonough wrote:
On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 23:02, Chris McDonough wrote:

Here's an idea: create a simple script that manufactured a module which
set up the Zope configuration, "filled in" for BTree in sys.modules, and
got a hold of, causing ZGlobals to be replaced by a new-style
BTree due to the above magic.  People upgrading to 2.8 with databases
created by Zope versions older than 2.3 would still need to run
convertBTrees inside a different Zope version, but people upgrading
databases created in versions equalling or later than 2.3 wouldn't
because we stopped using the old BTree module for anything except
ZGlobals after 2.3 AFAICT.

Actually, given my findings later in this email, this isn't even

Right. Whew.

I checked in the necessary fix for PersistentMapping.  There was a
change in the data structure and I had to add some logic to convert
some old state.

I also had to check in a %$#@ travesty because still has
references to BoboPOS.

With these changes, I can create a database with 2.6 and open it with the

Thanks Chris for helping us figure out that this was easier than we
thought. :)


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