So, it seems Chris McDonough figured out what we couldn't *wink*. Now,
it seems like Zope HEAD boots fine with an old Data.fs, and I could
even get a Plone 1.0 site migrated to Plone 2.0 and CMF 1.4 (a small
problem on DCWorkflow, but I checked in a fix).

Soo... now, i'm getting some errors out of CMF which seem pretty
obvious, and I wonder how they worked before. Example:

    * <FSPageTemplate at /blog/folder_listing used for

TypeError: unbound method pt_getContext() must be called with
ZopePageTemplate instance as first argument (got nothing instead)
(Also, an error occurred while attempting to render the standard error message.)

If you look at FSPageTemplate, its obvious that it doesn't subclass
ZopePageTemplate, but the solution is not so obvious. Using:

    pt_getContext = ZopePageTemplate.pt_getContext.im_func

Seemed to work, though I'm almost sure that is not the Right Thing (tm).

A similar error also happened with FSImage.__str__ (which is assigned
Image.__str__, but FSImage just subclasses FSObject).

Any thought on those?

Then a completely different error happened, when looking at a item
with comments:

    *  Module Products.PageTemplates.ZRPythonExpr, line 48, in
      __traceback_info__: container.sort_modified_ascending(
    * Module Python expression "container.sort_modified_ascending(
    here.portal_discussion.getDiscussionFor(here).getReplies())", line
    1, in <expression>
    * Module Products.VerboseSecurity.VerboseSecurityPolicy, line 157,
    in validate

Unauthorized: The container has no security assertions. Access to
'getReplies' of
(Products.CMFDefault.DiscussionItem.DiscussionItemContainer object at
0x419681ac) denied.

AFAICT, there's nothing wrong with DiscussionItemContainer. It has
been InitializeClass()'ed and has a docstring. Setting
__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ = 1 works, but that is
obviously wrong. 


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