Hi Marco,

Marco Bizzarri wrote:

We're trying to tackle a problem in hanging connections in ZPsycopg.

Hehe, I fixed this for ZOracleDA a couple of months ago. You may want to look at the thread pool code in there to see how I did it, gimme a nod if you need a URL (it's on a CVS branch in cvs.zope.org)

However, I would like to have some information about the functioning of
the _v_ attributes, and the cache management. In particular:

1) where is the code which handles the _v_ attributes (I like to look at
the source code, you know ;))

Never bothered finding it, the sematics are pretty well documented.

2) where is the code which handles the caching of the objects?

The ZODB cache. It's big and complicated, trust me, you DON'T need to go there...

3) is it possible to disable caching of some object?

No. The fact that you want to means you're mis-using _v_ attributes ;-)

4) when an _v_ attribute is removed, what code of the object/attribute
itself is called?

None. I believe it gets lost at the object is ghosted.

If possible, please answer also directly to me (I'm not on this list).

Are you maintaining ZPsychopg? If not, the maintainers might be able to help...


Chris - who learnt a whole lot more about ZODB and ZODB caching when solving this kind of problem in ZOracleDA ;-)

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