On 11/03/2004, at 7:25 PM, Chris McDonough wrote:

On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 23:14, michael wrote:

Thanks for your excellent isolation here.

I don't get a KeyError thrown until *after* at least one rendering of
standard_error_message that includes an access to a session variable.
And I'm only getting KeyError's for sessions that have had a chance to
expire. And that KeyError will be thrown whenever any access is made
for the session. (Previously I thought I was *only* seeing KeyError's
being thrown from standard_error_message.)

I think after provide transaction isolation for the duration of an
error, we will not see this symptom occur again. That's the first step,
at least. We are going to have a "bugathon" at the Zope 2 sprint at
PyCon 9 days from now, and I will put this high on the list. Would you
be willing to test a Zope 2.7 version that contains a fix?



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