Sorry guys for asking the wrong list :)
I really appreciate your answers though!
Dieter Maurer's method is exactly what I was looking for..

thanks again!

cheers Reto

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From: Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date:  Tue, 30 Mar 2004 00:38:42 +0200

>R33t wrote at 2004-3-27 17:35 +0000:
>> ...
>>I did all the things so far inside the Zope ZMI to see how things work
>>together, but now I'd like to create a "real" project and I already got
>>most of the things working, like calling the page templates from within
>>python. The problem I have now is that I don't know how to manage to
>>export my Z SQL method getNewsletters to my product folder and register
>>it to Zope from within python when my product gets installed, so that
>>the template can call this method like before
>Create your Z SQL Methods as class attributes in your product class.
>You can then access them like all other attributes of your instances.
>You are not able to use the standard "manage_addZSQLMEthod".
>Use instead:
>    from Products.ZSQLMethods.SQL import SQL
>    class MyClass(...):
>      ...
>      mySQLMethod = SQL(id, title, connection_id, arguments, template)

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