Jim Fulton wrote:
> I propose to move from CVS to subversion for the Zope and ZODB projects;
>   http://dev.zope.org/Zope3/MovingSCMToSubversion

No complaints from me.  I do wonder though... one thing I've noticed
about ZC's CVS usage in the past is that you folks never export your
code for releases.  Indeed, the 2.7.0 source release wasn't even
checked out with -P so there's a lot of goofy-looking empty
directories in the tarball.  A common idiom through a great deal of
the code is:
  __version__='$Revision: 1.201 $'[11:-2]

Now... thats a cute hack, but its also a silly waste of time.  If
releases were exported with -kv, it wouldn't be necessary.  If you're
going to switch to subversion, could I humbly suggest that you
actually follow a release process that obviates the need for that
kinda stuff?  Changing revision control systems is a perfect time to
do that kind of thing as everybody is the mode of learning new a

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