Martin Kretschmar wrote:

Maik Jablonski of the german speaking Zope Users Group
DZUG issued a pretty bleak outlook for the future of
Zope. What are your oppinions?

Here comes the translation of his oppoion:

Maik, what makes you look full of scepticism for
the future of Zope?

Shortly said, the whole set of stupidities in
connection with Zope3.

Well, thanks for the kind words. Makes me want to work really hard to satisfy your concerns.

> It is a pretty bad state
for a project, if it looms for years as the
followup project on the horizon but in reality
isn't one! I can't believe the fairy tales with
the possible migration from Zope2 to Zope3.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

We've tried to be very honest about the road map.
Zope 3 has taken much longer than I expected. I made
a conscious decision a few months ago to actually slow it
down, Why? Two reasons:

- We have Zope 2. While not perfect, Zope 2 is a great system.
  We make out living with Zope 2. The vast majority of ZC
  people work in Zope 2, not Zope 3.

- We want Zope 3 to be as solid and clean as it can be.
  We have an opportunity, before a stable release, to change things
  readily. That will be much harder once it's in production.

All the people which have dwelled more or less
deeply into the Zope2 world, thereby having had
an enormous learning curve and now running

This enormous learning curve is one of the main reasons we created Zope 3.

> will not be able to participate
easily on the academic Zope3 train. The technic
freaks who modell Zope3 are usually not application
developers,  which have to build and run working
> applications for real human users.

That's both insulting and incorrect.  Many of the leaders
of the Zope 2 community are involved in Zope 3 and using it.
These people are application developers.

The artifical
not-yet-product Zope3 will sooner or later be
distracting development efforts from Zope2 because
Zope3 is "almost finished." That doesn't look not
nice ...

Any new project distracts development from other projects. That's natural and healthy? Has development on Zope 2 stopped? No. ZC still puts more work into Zope 2 than into Zope 3. I expect that to continue for some time.


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