robert rottermann wrote:

> will not be able to participate

easily on the academic Zope3 train. The technic
freaks who modell Zope3 are usually not application
developers,  which have to build and run working

> applications for real human users.

That's both insulting and incorrect.  Many of the leaders
of the Zope 2 community are involved in Zope 3 and using it.
These people are application developers.

we native german speakers tend to be much more direct and phrase dings more bluntly the you americans do.
In german I read Maik's statement as a strong opinion but never as an insult.

Since I am the one who asked Mike to speak up I would feel bad if it created any bad feelings.

I would also like to point out that Maik did not post it here himself. It's an opinion directed to a group of people that most likely knows him and his context better than we do on this list.

There is a big difference in how you can talk about, and talk to, other people.

Sometimes you use harder language to emphasize a point. A language that you wouldn't normally use when talking to somebody. Generally there is nothing wrong with this, but seen out of context it can seem inapropriate.

regards Max M

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