Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hey there,

I understand from:

Zope 2.8 is now planned for june.

This is, of course, a function of people's availability to help.

I still need to fix ZClasses, and I need to get through the Zope X3.0
to-do list first.

> If Zope 2.8 is indeed released by june
this could fit fairly well with my own (also delayed :) plans for using this facility in Silva. The obvious area I could try to contribute is in integrating Zope 3 interfaces in Zope 2.


Have interfaces stabilized enough to start this work, or should I wait until next month (may is indicated on the planning).

I think so.

What steps need to be taken concretely before such integration is considered completed? I know the package rename discussion rename (zope to z) in Zope 3 is related to this.

That's the big one. I think I'd do this after we do the svn conversion. I *hope* to do that next week.


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