Paolo Invernizzi wrote:
Tim Peters wrote:

One glitch, which may be all over the place: some of the "text files" got
checked out with Windows line ends, but most did not. For example, 14 of
the 19 *.txt files in ZConfig ended up with Windows line ends, but none of
the 37 *.py files did.

Ack, no, none of the checked-out .txt files did either. The .txt files that
had Windows line ends were all created by svn for its own purposes
(README.txt files in .svn directories).

This is strange... from the SVN book

Subversion examines the svn:mime-type property. If the file has no svn:mime-type property, or has a mime-type that is textual (e.g. text/*), Subversion assumes it is text. Otherwise, Subversion assumes the file is binary. Subversion also helps users by running a binary-detection algorithm in the svn import and svn add commands. These commands will make a good guess and then (possibly) set a binary svn:mime-type property on the file being added.

What mime-types are associated with the files?

None. The files were not added or imported. They were input via cvs2svn, which uses dump files. The cvs2svn utility apparently doesn't set mime types, or any other property except cvs2svn:cvs-rev.

So, given your explanation, why did Tim get bad line endings I wonder.


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