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> How about removing the ability for people to post bugs withotu specifying
> email address? And, if they do specify an email address, using that to
> them by sending notification mails to it?

At least, warning them that bugs without email adresses are likely to be
closed without good reason, if we don't understand the bug report.

> For all I know, this happens already, but people don't perceive it as
> so the ythink "anonymous" bug postings will never be heard from and so
> them straight away as "anonymous, therefor we don't care"

Well, most "Anonymous" users enter their name, and supposedly their email. I
don't really see that as anonymous...
Maybe it could be changed to "Not a registered used" instead? It could still
say anonymous if they don't have an email...

Here is a good example:

I don't understand the issuem and suspect it\s a user error, so I add a
comment. Milos Prudek has entered a mail adress, so he gets notified, so he
mails me (directly). I then understand the bug, but not how to fix it.
Nothing has happened since, of course... But there ya go.

If there had been no name there, I would have probably just said "I think
it's a user error, and will close it until proven otherwise".

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