Jim Fulton wrote:

> We don't.  In fact, one could argue that adaptation is a bit like
> a different kind of traversal. In fact, in Zope 3, we already have
> a notion of this. In general, in Zope 3 paths, we can say:
>   foo/++namespace++name
> where "/++namespace++" can be thought of as a special form of
> namespace operator (similar and partly inspired by xpaths
> "/:namespace:").
> So, we could also use something like:
>   content/++adapter++dc/title
> but I think people want something more concide for ZPT.

I prefer this notation, even though it's more verbose. I think it should be supported along with a short cut syntax.

This problem seems analogous to view lookup -- "content/++view++index.html" and "content/@@index.html" are equivalent.

So, applied to adapters, we could use:

  content/++adapter++dc/title (or '++adapt++')

one could use:


or perhaps (yuckier):


I'd hate to see Yet Another Traversal Syntax introduced when we already have a decent pattern established.

 -- Garrett

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