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Apologies for the cross-posting, but I think this is relevent to all these lists.

I've summarised the meaning of the various collector states here:


Please let me know if you disagre with any of that, although I'm pretty sure they're right and will argue with anyone who thinks otherwise ;-)

The only real change is that Deferred now means "we asked the user for more information and we'll reject the issue unless they give it to us within a month"

I went through all the issues which WERE deferred and "dealt" with them.
I'm trying to avoid having states where issues end up that aren't definitive and so get forgotten about.

The "wontfix" stuff now has a definitve meaning, but it may still be good to go through them all once a year or so to check that none of them have been solved in other ways. I found quite a few of the "deferred" ones that really should have been "wontfix" had been addressed and could now be marked as resolved :-)



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