Before I vanished for PyCon about two weeks ago, I was under the impression
that merging Zope/branches/five-integration into Zope/trunk was imminent --
a matter of days, if not hours.  Perhaps I was mistaken in that.

Regardless, what's the current status of this?  Last I saw, Andreas
announced a plan to release 2.8a2 this coming Friday evening (according to
my clock <wink>), but AFAICT the five-integration branch is still distinct
from the trunk.

Is it the plan to release 2.8a2 without merging this in?  If not, what's the
plan/schedule for merging five-integration?

ZODB 3.4 requires some Zope3 packages, so there are potential integration
headaches in two directions:  (1) possible problems for ZODB due to
five-integration using versions of those packages older than the ones ZODB
3.4 has been using; and, (2) code in five-integration that runs afoul of
changes in ZODB 3.4.  I can't predict these without trying the actual code.

A possible example of #2 is that I rewrote hundreds of instances of
get_transaction() in Zope trunks yesterday, because get_transaction() is
officially deprecated in ZODB 3.4 and I don't want to release a Zope that
raises DeprecationWarning in its internals.  Perhaps the five-integration
code has more instances of this that need to be changed.

A clarification, because some have been confused about this (and it is
confusing!):  a ZODB trunk checkout stitches in its own copies of the Zope3
packages it needs, same as it stitches in copies of zdaemon and ZConfig.
The process of stitching a ZODB into a Zope does *not* stitch those packages
into that Zope:  Zope uses its own copies of zdaemon, ZConfig, and Zope3
code.  From Zope 2.8's POV, "ZODB" means exactly these 9 directories (these,
and no others, get stitched in from a ZODB tag):

Under lib/python/:

Under utilities/:
    ZODBTools (this is a renamed copy of ZODB's src/scripts/).

I always expected (and still do) to do the ZODB stitching on Zope trunk, but
since stitching in a ZODB does not include anything other than those 9
directories, I can't do it before at least the Zope3 packages are stitched
in from the five-integration branch.

Note that it's also possible we'll hit integration snags due to mismatches
in the versions of zdaemon and ZConfig in use (the ones Zope trunk uses
versus the ones ZODB has been using).

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