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 - ZODBGuru uses 'svn rm' to zap the current ZODB on the trunk,
   replacing it with an 'svn:external' link to your ZODB 3.4 tag; and
   then tests it (could be an 'svn cp', but I don't see any benefit to
   maintaining a Zope-specific fork).

My problem. It will certainly be done via 9 "svn switch"s on my local machine first. As explained elsewhere, there are several other possible sources of integration problems here, and I can't know about those before actually trying it. It's possible, e.g., that I'll need to change ZODB 3.4 to worm around them, or switch ZODB to using a different ZConfig, etc. Can't predict here.
 - ReleaseMaker uses 'svn cp' to create the release tag for Zope 2.8a2
   (whatever it is being called).


When you use svn:external, it will be copied as is to the tag, so when the external files change, the files in the tag change as well. So a svn cp would be better I guess.

Florian Schulze

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