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Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On Dienstag, 29. März 2005 14:07 Uhr -0500 Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> Regardless, what's the current status of this? Last I saw, Andreas 
>> announced a plan to release 2.8a2 this coming Friday evening 
>> (according to my clock <wink>), but AFAICT the five-integration
>> branch is still distinct from the trunk.
> Right. My plan was to post a reminder that 2.8a2 is scheduled for
> this weekend. So all Five related integration work should be finished
> very soon otherwise I am going to reschedule a2.

Most of that work has been done on the trunk.  The 'five-integration'
branch changes consist largely of:

 - Setting up an 'svn:external' link to the Zope X3 3.0 repository
   (which is on a branch, pruned to include only the packages which were
   actually released with 3.0).

 - Importing the Five product.

 - Un-monkey-fying Five's monkey patches.

As soon as we settle the question of how ZODB gets stitched in (I prefer
the 'svn:external' mode myself, but that is just a preference), that
branch should be easily merged.

>> ZODB 3.4 requires some Zope3 packages, so there are potential integration
>> headaches in two directions:  (1) possible problems for ZODB due to
>> five-integration using versions of those packages older than the ones
>> 3.4 has been using; and, (2) code in five-integration that runs afoul of
>> changes in ZODB 3.4.  I can't predict these without trying the actual
>> code.
> I hope that the people doing the Five integration should have their 
> stuff ready in time but there is no need to hurry with a release just
> for the sake of making a release. Means: if you need more time you
> weill get the time of course.

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