Dieter Maurer wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote at 2005-4-6 08:33 -0400:

I very much want Zope 2.9 to use Zope 3's security architecture.
Zope 3's security architecture is far more robust, but it is different
in some significant ways:

Even small modifications to the security machinery tend to end up in lots of problems.

The latest prominent example: the changes introduced with
Zope 2.7.3: It took two releases (until 2.7.5) and
more than 6 months (at least in my memory) before everything
worked again as it should...

Hopefully, such a major change will not require 4, 5, 6
minor releases and years for stabilazation...

Hopefully not. It depends on whether people choose to test their application during the beta cycle or during the release cycle.

This will be a *big* change.  Possibly, this will be
bigger than the change from 2.7 to 2.8.  I do think it
will provide significant benefits that justify the pain.
Of course, when we try it, we may find it is too painful
and we'll have to reconsider.


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