WinBuilders recently had a number of changes checked in to support later
pywin32 versions and numerous fixes. At around the same time WinBuilders was
copied into the Zope 2.7 and 2.8 trees - but without these improvements.
This is the underlying reason behind the 2.8 binaries for Windows not being

I've created a patch that reinstates the lost changes in both the Zope 2.7
and 2.8 trees and attached it to

As mentioned in that collector issue:

* inst/WinBuilders has been added to Zope 2.8 without the
svn:eol-style=native setting.  This property must be set on that entire tree
before attempting to apply the patch.  Apart from that, the patch applies to
both 2.7 and 2.8

* The old WinBuilders (at Packages/WinBuilders) should be removed from CVS
to avoid future confusion.

The Zope 2.8 binary appears to install and start fine, but all I tested was
that the ZMI would open.  Another change I snuck in was to add
'SolidCompression=yes' to the Inno file - this reduces the final .exe by
about 40%

Unfortunately I still haven't heard anything re my contributor agreement, so
am unable to make these changes myself.  I will ask Sidnei very nicely
tomorrow, but if anyone else is able to assist, please just go for it :)


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