[Chris McDonough]
> There is a wrinkle about performing this merge that eluded my memory
> until now.
> To support multidatabases within Zope, it was reasonable to change
> ZODB.config.ZODBDatabase to support the heretofore
> likely-unused-by-real-world-code "databases" and "database_name" options
> that may now be passed into ZODB.DB's constructor:
> http://svn.zope.org/ZODB/branches/blob-merge-branch/src/ZODB/config.py?rev=38626&r1=38574&r2=38626
> The current blob-merge-branch code depends on this change being
> available in the ZODB revision it uses.
> ...

Chris, here's the current state:

- The following is on current ZODB trunk, and on the new tag


  I suggest changing the zodb-blobs-branch to use that tag now (and
  merging that branch to Zope trunk when it's all happy again).

- I added an optional new "database_name" key to <zodb> config.  I
  understand that you may not want to use it in Zope 2.9, taking the
  database name from Zope's <zodb_db> section instead.  That's fine.
  I expect that whatever name (however decided) should be used can
  be poked into config.database_name before calling
  ZODBDatabase.open().  Should check that the section name and
  database_name key aren't both specified?  Probably, ya.

- ZODBDatabase.open() has an optional new databases= argument,
  so that part's still exactly the same way you did it (except that I
  didn't add that argument to BaseConfig.open() too -- I don't think it
  belongs there, as BaseConfig is also a base class for classes
  whose open() overrides don't support a databases= argument;
  the ZODBDatabase subclass _extends_ BaseConfig's open()
  in this respect).

Is there more I can do to help this along (or, perhaps, delay it more
;-))?  If so, just ask.
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