yuppie wrote:
>>   * Moved to a zpkgutils-based build system, as the Zope 3.2 extension
>> modules
>>     require to be built with it. If everything goes ahead as planned,
>> the release
>>     tarball will also be built with zpkgutils (some work has also been
>> done in
>>     that direction).
> That part seems to be work in progress. I needed some time and manual
> changes to set up an in-place instance for a fresh sandbox.

What changes are those? A fresh Zope trunk checkout works for me. Here's
what I did:

  $ svn co svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/repos/main/Zope/trunk Zope-trunk
  $ cd Zope-trunk
  $ ./configure
  $ make

That worked for me (though I usually don't do the configure; make dance,
but just do an in-place build with python setup.py build -i; see also

> And I didn't manage to install Zope trunk to a different location.
> That seems to be completely screwed up.

"Not supported anymore" is the right wording here. Basically, the
"configure; make; make install" dance is going to go away for an SVN
checkout. A simple Makefile as we have it in Zope 3 that simply provides
shortcuts for in-place builds will probably replace it.

We're not even sure if the configure dance makes sense for a release
tarball. The only benefit of the ./configure script is that it
(presumably) chooses the right Python for you, which isn't always what
you want, anyways. At least I do ./configure --with-python=... more than
half of the times. So I could just call python setup.py install with
whatever Python I want in the first place.

> Similar problems are reported here:
> http://buildbot.zope.org/Zope%20trunk%202.4%20Linux%20zc-buildbot/builds/12/compile/0
> Is anybody working on resolving these issues?

Well, problem is that I don't *see* this issue, so I wouldn't know how
to do solve it.

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