Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
yuppie wrote:

 * Moved to a zpkgutils-based build system, as the Zope 3.2 extension
   require to be built with it. If everything goes ahead as planned,
the release
   tarball will also be built with zpkgutils (some work has also been
done in
   that direction).

That part seems to be work in progress. I needed some time and manual
changes to set up an in-place instance for a fresh sandbox.

What changes are those? A fresh Zope trunk checkout works for me. Here's
what I did:

  $ svn co svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/repos/main/Zope/trunk Zope-trunk
  $ cd Zope-trunk
  $ ./configure
  $ make

That worked for me (though I usually don't do the configure; make dance,
but just do an in-place build with python build -i; see also

You used to have to use "make instance" or "make inplace" to run the tests.
These make commands no longer work.

make inplace could probably be fixed by making it an alias for make build,
since builds now seem to be in place.

And I didn't manage to install Zope trunk to a different location.
That seems to be completely screwed up.

"Not supported anymore" is the right wording here. Basically, the
"configure; make; make install" dance is going to go away for an SVN
checkout. A simple Makefile as we have it in Zope 3 that simply provides
shortcuts for in-place builds will probably replace it.

I don't think that you or I have the authority to decide this.
I'm not fond of configure/make myself, but the Community decided
they wanted this a while ago.  Of course they can change their mind.

We're not even sure if the configure dance makes sense for a release
tarball. The only benefit of the ./configure script is that it
(presumably) chooses the right Python for you, which isn't always what
you want, anyways.
> At least I do ./configure --with-python=... more than
> half of the times. So I could just call python install with
> whatever Python I want in the first place.

It also lets you specify an install prefix.

More importantly, it is a familiar model for unix systems.

Similar problems are reported here:

Is anybody working on resolving these issues?

Well, problem is that I don't *see* this issue, so I wouldn't know how
to do solve it.

If you looked carefully at the log, you would have seen that it was doing
"make inplace", which you could easily verify doesn't work anymore. :)
Anyway, I've changed the buildbot setup to use just "make" and we are now
getting successful builds and tests.

BTW, in case the tone of this message comes accross as negative, as others
have said, we all really appreciate all of the great work you've done on getting
Five 1.3 done and on getting Z3.2 into Z2!


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