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just to be clear, the stuff I'm talking about is ZMI user interface
docs, not programmer docs.

I'll raise the question again: what are the benefits of the HelpSys for a Zope user? I just clicked through the HelpSys (I've never used and missed it throughout my Zope career) and all the unorganized information in the HelpSys are more or less in the same way available in the Zope Book (ZPT, DTML references etc.). The HelpSys presents the information just in an unusable and insane way...so I wonder what is the value of this crap? Would it hurt someone when we remove it? How many percent of the ppl using Zope - either through the ZMI or the filesystem - actually use this "information source" (it's more an information sink)? My theory: a) ppl never read documentation b) ppl read the Zope Book because we point them to the Zope Book as primary Zope resource. At least the Zope Book is somewhat maintained. The HelpSys docs were not update in the past as far as I can remember. My proposal would be:

- forget the HelpSys forever

- let's try to (auto)-generate interfaces from the existing code as the
  primary source for API related documentation

- additional information and story telling should be done through doc tests

- create an _optional_ replacement for HelpSys (Apidoc-based or whatever)


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